This Video Of Tom Hanks Meeting A Fan Will Restore Your Faith In Celebrities

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Tom Hanks Saving Mr Banks Premiere London Film Festival October 2013

As if Tom Hanks couldn't get more awesome between being one of the best actors of our time and making some of the most entertaining TV appearances imaginable, he goes and restores my faith in famous people. Back in March, Tom met Sarah Moretti, a huge fan of his who has autism, backstage of his Broadway show Lucky Guy. A few videos of their meeting have gone viral this week, because he's just so gosh darn nice in them.

Not only did he show Sarah that he'd kept a letter she had sent him, but he took the time to look through a scrapbook she had made featuring photos of him throughout the years. And it wasn't just a cursory flip through a few pages and a polite, “That's so nice!” He looked through each page and commented on the photos, joking about how young he used to look. It's pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

There's nothing I love more than seeing a celebrity be gracious and caring to their fans. It can be easy to become cynical about Hollywood and the people who inhabit it when the news is inundated with stars acting arrogant and self-absorbed. When you read a quote from Kanye West calling himself a god or hear about actors behaving like divas onset, things can start to look pretty bleak. So that's why it's so important to remind ourselves, through stories like this one, that there are stars out there who really care about their fans and go out of their way to be role models for them. Sometimes it can seem like being in the spotlight and making a crazy amount of money guarantees that someone will be out of touch, but stories like this prove that's not true.

You can see on Sarah's face how thrilled she is to be in her favorite actor's company, and I imagine there must be many more Tom Hanks fan encounters out there just as wonderful as this one that we just haven't witnessed on video.

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