Tom Hanks Poses With A Fan For The World’s Most Awesome Christmas Card

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Tom Hanks Jimmy Kimmel Live Christmas Card December 2013

You probably have enough evidence compiled in your Tom Hanks is awesome” file to hold up in any celebrity awesomeness court you might come across. And if you come across one, let me know, because that sounds really fun to sit in on. On the off chance you still need a few exhibits for your case, I present to you this video of Tom surprising a Jimmy Kimmel Live audience member with an impromptu Christmas card photo shoot. And not just any Christmas card photo shoot. The weirdest and most awesome Christmas card photo shoot ever.

Okay, so it might not be the weirdest ever. The Kardashians made us scratch our brains a lot when they debuted their kard last week, and I'm sure there are some strange people out there who do some predictably strange things for their own cards. But how many people can send out Christmas cards featuring Tom Hanks dressed as Santa Claus and Wiz Khalifa as an elf? The answer to that is one person, that we know of. And that's the lady in this video. She doesn't have any family members in the photo with her, but who needs family when you have a Christmas card with Tom Hanks and Wiz Khalifa? That's life-changing right there.

Tom decides to do this because he says he and his family get into arguments about what their Christmas card should be, exhibiting the true meaning of the holidays — hating your family. So to get around the whole family debacle, Tom decides to just pose for a spontaneous Christmas card with a fan. Since this was Jimmy Kimmel's show, I was expecting the twerking girl on fire to pop up in the background of the card or maybe for it to turn out that Rebecca from Richmond, Virginia was actually in on it the whole time. And just to preserve the fun, I'm not gonna tell you how this video ends. Those things might very well happen. But spoiler alert, they don't.