Who Is The Tom Hanks Of Our Generation?

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The extremely likable Tom Hanks turns 56 today. With (at least) five films coming out in the next couple of years, everyone's favorite actor definitely isn't going away anytime soon. Luckily for us. And the argument could certainly made that there will simply never be another quite like Tom Hanks.

The acting versatility (not to mention talent in directing, producing, and writing), the flawless career choices, the iconic roles, the handsome but not overbearing looks, the back-to-back Best Actor Oscars, the widespread likeability, and perhaps rarest of all in Hollywood, the emergence from a somewhat fractured childhood to general goodguydom, complete with an almost 24-year marriage, four kids (two from his first marriage) and a granddaughter. Can there ever be another quite like him?

Well, we're not sure. But if there is ever going to be, these are the up-and-coming stars who are in the running.

(Photo: Wenn.com)