This Lady Says She Auditioned To Be Tom Cruise’s Wife, And I Believe Her

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Tom Cruise attending Oblivion premiere April 2013 gray turtleneck and suit jacketOh Scientology, you fickle mistress. You always give me just the tiniest taste of the crazy locked behind your gates, but you never let me come in and eat a whole bowl of it. (In related news, this metaphor is leading me to believe that I should take my lunch break soon.) Anyway, the newest person dishing out the sloppy joes / gossip is a Norwegian woman named Anette Johansen, who believes she was auditioned for the role of Tom Cruise‘s third wife, a part that eventually went to an actress a little more well known — Katie Holmes.

Anette is a Scientologist herself, and she alleges that in 2005, while she was aiding in disaster relief from the tsunami in Thailand on behalf of the church, she was approached and asked to make film a ‘training video' detailing her experiences. Except she suspects there was a little more to it than that:

“I was the only person asked to audition. They asked me so many questions about my life, my family background, everything I’d ever done in Scientology. There was a lot of talk about Tom Cruise at that time – he had just been in Norway [hosting] the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.”

Those all seem like pretty odd questions for a training film, particularly because the preparation for the video was so extensive:

“A film crew of four turned up, along with a make-up and hair stylist who made me look very glam – loads of eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. I prefer a natural look but they told me I had to have lots of makeup.”

She says she did it, though, and didn't think anything more of it until she read the New Yorker piece by former Scientologist Paul Haggis, who described the church's search for a new wife for Tom after his divorce from second wife Nicole Kidman. Apparently there was a lot of it that seemed…pretty familiar.

“It was exactly the same! Every little detail was the same – there is no doubt that I was auditioned to be Tom’s wife.”

The Australian publication that Anette was speaking to, Women's Day, apparently also spoke with Marc Headley, who is described as a ‘former senior Scientologist', and confirms Anette's report. His role in the church apparently included getting together ‘a reel of women for Tom to review'. Here's what he had to say:

“Anette was auditioning for Tom Cruise. Those were the exact same questions they were asking the other girls. This girl had to be perfect in every way.”

Obviously Anette didn't quite make it through the vetting process, since the relationship name was ‘TomKat' and not ‘Tom…ette', but she's actually really grateful for that.

“I’m very happy that I wasn’t matched up with him. I think what happened to Katie is terrible. Even now it must be very difficult for her because she still has a child with him.”

Previously, when confronted with rumors about conducting auditions, the Church has stated, “There was no project, secret or otherwise, ever conducted by the church to find a bride (via audition or otherwise) for any member of the church. Never. “

So I guess that means you can rest easy about being recruited as Tom's fourth wife, guys, even though he and Katie got divorced in 2012. Which is a huge relief, because I was not looking forward to being featured in Suri Cruise‘s Burn Book.

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