Scientology Has ‘Really Changed’ Tom Cruise, Alleges His Friend Captain Obvious

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Tom Cruise at Irish premiere of Oblivion April 2013I had no idea that Tom Cruise was friends with Captain Obvious you guys, but there are some allegations going around that suggest they used to be best buds. When he's not dashing around as a caped crusader whose superhero power is his scathing criticism and powerful ‘DUH' blaster, Captain Obvious goes by the name of Sky du Mont, and takes on the persona of a German actor who worked with Tom on the film Eyes Wide Shutwho claims that Scientology has ‘really changed' the actor. WATCH OUT FOR THAT DUH-BLASTER!!! TAKE COVER!!!

According to Sky, he and Tom became very close on set, even going on a ski trip together while Tom was married to Nicole Kidman.

“He was a great guy. I was really good friends with him.”

But unfortunately, Sky alleges that the friendship was not to last, as Tom's personality supposedly altered drastically after his continued involvement with the Church Of Scientology:

“[Tom] has really changed through this Scientology, which I think is a real shame.”

According to his story, only a few years after they worked together on the movie and vacationed together, the two saw each other unexpectedly at the Bambi Awards in Berlin.

“I ran into him again…said hi to him and he simply looked right through me. He never even acknowledged me. He’s really changed through this Scientology.”

Wow bro. Not even a hello for your old ski buddy? Who protects the snowy slopes from silly questions with his withering gaze and scorn bombs? What's your problem, man? If this is true, it might have something to do with the rumored stage of training where Church members are alleged to have to cut off contact with anyone in their life not involved with Scientology, but I have no idea.

Sky does want to make it clear, however, that he doesn't think any of this supposed rudeness has anything to do with Nicole, whom he respects for resisting the pull of the religion:

 “[Tom] had a deep relationship with [Nicole]. But she didn’t want to be dominated by Scientology. She is a very strong woman.”

All we can say is we hope the alleged audition process for the future Mrs. Thomas Cruise is going swimmingly. Just swimmingly.

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