Tom Cruise Didn’t Control Katie Holmes…As Much As You Think

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Great news from Scientology Headquarters!  Despite what we reported last week about Suri Cruise just meeting her midwestern cousins for the first time this summer, Tom Cruise says that's totally not true. Because that would imply he's a super control freak who banned Katie Holmes from seeing her Catholic family members — who happen to wear entire outfits that costs less than $100.

Hence why he's really eager to make sure that you know that Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise could do whatever they wanted during their alleged 5-year contracted stay in his compound. As long as his security team  went everywhere with them and they didn't mind the ankle bracelets. And really, who minds an expensive monitoring device permanently attached to them?!

A source tells People:

To say Tom prevented anything is a gross lie. He not only didn't prevent [Suri having a relationship with Holmes' family] but encouraged it and paid for it!” the source explains. “The first several birthday parties Katie and Tom threw for Suri had the family and cousins come to town – all expenses were paid for by Tom.”

Also, did you know Tom Cruise's first AIM screenname in the '90s was allegedly “Source.” I won't go into what that means, just wanted to throw it out there.

While we'll never know which anonymous insider is telling us the truth about Ohio 2k12, we'll always have to err on the side of Team Katie. Mostly because it's most fun if we can continue to go along with the media's allegations and paint Tom Cruise as a crazy person hellbent on brainwashing Katie Holmes

That just makes the eventual movie version of their marriage so much more interesting. Because if they're just a normal divorced couple,  they're no different than thousands of other families. And I can't sleep at night knowing that might be true.

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