Everything You Need To Know About Tom Cruise’s Wives And Their Marriage Contracts

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Everything You Need To Know About Tom Cruise s Wives And Their Marriage Contracts s MARRIAGE CONTRACT large 640x467 jpgFor the third time, Tom Cruise is about to get divorced, and according to sources it was Katie Holmes‘ choice, because the contract is up! Isn’t love grand? Run, Katie, run!

From 1987 to 1990, Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers who, apparently at the time was a big name actress. Although I’ve heard her name and recognized a few of the movies she’s been in, I really can’t confirm that I’ve seen any of them. After only three years together and claiming that their sexual relationship had became non-existent as Cruise flirted with the idea of not only becoming celibate, but a monk, it was then that Rogers threw in the towel. Although she never confirmed that he was gay, she never denied it either.

It was that same year, with Cruise’s sexuality still being questioned by the media, he met Nicole Kidman on the set of Days of Thunder. Not long after their meeting, the two were married. Although the rumors of Cruise being gay were temporarily put on hold, a new rumor arose suggesting that Kidman and Cruise entered into a marriage contract that would result in X amount of money per child for however many years they were together. Because it is a rumor and even those who claim to confirm it have never released documentation of it, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction.

In 2001, the couple divorced and if that prenup/contract was anything like that he has with Holmes then Kidman walked away with half of Cruise’s fortune. However, the couple’s inability to have biological kids of their own — whether because they weren’t a good match genetic wise or similar to Roger’s experience, Cruise quit putting it out — may have thrown a wrench in the great master plan of even more money.

In 2006, after he’d been dating around a bit, Cruise and Holmes started seeing each other and when they got hitched, it was one of the strangest unions that Hollywood had seen. On one end we had Holmes telling reporters in interviews that she’d had a crush on Cruise since she was a kid and had his poster on her bedroom wall; all while Cruise was dancing on couches on the Oprah Winfrey show as if trying to prove that he’s not gay, he is in love and yes, this is a completely legitimate reunion. If that were true, then Holmes would not have turned into a Stepford Wife overnight.

Here are some bits and pieces from these alleged contracts between Kidman and Cruise, and Holmes and Cruise, because as far as anyone can tell, he didn’t have one with Rogers. But again, no one knows for sure.