Tom Cruise Is Allegedly Wife Hunting Again, And Has Set His Sights On Laura Prepon

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Tom Cruise and Laura PreponJust when you thought it was safe to start trusting Laura Prepon again, reports start emerging that she's secretly dating Tom Cruise.

Ever since she came back into our lives on Orange Is The New Black (P.S. you should watch the second season trailer while I have you here), it's been such a roller coaster of emotion with her, y'know? I guess we always knew she was a Scientologist, all the way back to her The 70s Show days, but it was hurtful to be reminded of that after we'd all gotten invested in her OITNB character, Alex Krause. And then the back-and-forth of whether she'd be going back for the show's second season or not, with the rumors that the Church Of Scientology might be involved in the decision, given that Laura played a jailed, drug-dealing lesbian…it was all just a little too much to bear.

But finally we heard that she would indeed be returning for more than just a few episodes, and we started to open our hearts again, and ease back into trusting her. That is, until this devastating rumor.

According to Page Six, Laura and Tom have been secretly dating for some time now, potentially as far back as November 2013, and maybe even beyond that. They make it clear that reps for both parties have repeatedly denied any romance between the two stars, saying the ‘cozy dinner' they were seen having together at the Manor Hotel in Los Angeles last fall was just like…a chill hang out or whatever. According to an Us Weekly insider:

“They see each other at some functions, but they are not dating.”

Okay, but that's weird, because a British magazine called Grazia says that at that casual hangout, Tom picked up Laura in a vintage car and had ‘a bottle of 1979 Merlot wait on the table' when they got to the hotel. Vintage car and vintage wine? Them's the big guns, friend, and I can't imagine you break those out for just the average pal.

“They spent three hours laughing and joking. It’s clear Tom is smitten and after the date he was on cloud nine. They had their second date at the restaurant, too, meeting for Sunday brunch, and then she accompanied him a few days later to a dinner party at John [Travolta]’s home.”

According to both sources, the two are still seeing each other, just extremely secretly. But just like a real women's prison, it's apparently difficult to keep stuff quiet, as rumors of their dates are swirling within the OITNB cast:

“It’s the buzz on the set of her show.”

Not sure whether there's any truth in it, but I could see it. Tom would certainly be wise to aim for someone a little more Scientology-inclined, given the stress that the religion has allegedly placed on previous relationships with ladies like Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman

I guess we'll see how this turns out.

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