Did The Church Of Scientology Brainwash Tom Cruise’s Kids Connor And Bella Into Hating Nicole Kidman?

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With the custody battle over Suri the most telling detail of the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce, we got to wondering how it is that Tom has custody over his two older kids Bella and Connor. Considering the nuggets of craziness we hear about Scientology, wouldn't you think that the kids would've wanted to stay with their mom, Nicole Kidman, after their parents divorced in 2001?

Maybe they would… except that the Church of Scientology brainwashed them! Or that's what Marty Rathbun would have you believe. A formerly high-ranking official, he spent four years doing auditing exercises with Tom in the wake of his divorce from Nicole. But while Tom was concentrating on how to purge his system of bad vibes or whatnot, where were his six- and nine-year-old kids?

On an upcoming segment of Rock Center with Brian Williams, Rathbun explains how Church of Scientology staff at the Celebrity Centre nannied and tutored Tom's kids while he was in his auditing sessions. Their first order of business? To convince Bella and Connor that Nicole was a “suppressive person,” an anti-social type who wanted to destroy others. Rathbun explains,

“The initial indoctrination of Connor and Bella — Connor was six years old, Bella was nine — was teaching them that certain people are anti-social personalities, they're suppressive people, and they started teaching them the characteristics of the anti-social person. It was more than implied… [Nicole] was somebody that they shouldn't open up with, they shouldn't communicate with, and they shouldn't spend much time with.”

It's like something out of The Hunger Games! But it does explain why the kids haven't called Nicole “Mom” in years, and why Bella seemed to bond more with stepmom Katie. However, seeing as Nicole secretly helped Katie extricate herself from this scary trap, you have to give her some credit. It makes me feel bad to think that this scary organization so easily turned her kids against her.

Of course, this Marty guy seems to be shopping around his own book, so his agenda is fairly clear. Watch the clip and judge for yourself.

Rock Center with Brian Williams airs Thursday at 10 p.m. EST.

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