Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Attend “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy’ Costume Institute Gala”

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On May 5th, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy' Costume Institute Gala” at The Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

Some are saying that Katie Holmes' outfit was a disaster, while others are saying she wowed the crowd. There also seems to be mixed reports about her dress being red or tangerine orange. It looks red to me, but the shiny fabric makes it hard to tell in the pictures.

What was the real big talk of the night as far as Katie's outfit? Well, her shoes of course! Did she wear the traditional black shoes? Not a chance! She wore a pair of blue Christian Louboutin shoes. You can see an up close picture of them here.

I am loving the blue shoes she wore. Why not just go for it when it comes to fashion? Katie definitely did that!

More pictures of Tom, Katie and those blue shoes below the cut.





Images used with permission by Newscom