Toddlers and Tiaras: 3-Year Old Selena’s Mom Won’t Let Her Go Outside For Fear She’ll Get Tan

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TLC Toddlers and Tiaras SelenaWhat has TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras not been accused of yet? Not a whole lot, and the list is about to get even shorter, with the mom of 3-year old Selena. I'm not sure if this is racism, reverse-racism, or just pure, unadulterated bad parenting, but this woman won't let her daughter go outside. Like, at all. She says her daughter has a “natural, golden skin tone”, and she doesn't want her to be exposed to the sun, for fear that she'll get more tan.

Toddlers and Tiaras Selena“She has to stay inside. She follows the proper protocol.”

Well of course she does! She's just a toddler, but she's still old enough to know what would happen if she didn't! Everyone knows that fresh air and fun are well-known destroyers of skin tone, and notable for making 3-year olds exceedingly unattractive, so this mother is definitely making the right call.

Selena Toddlers and TiarasBut even though it's so clearly the healthy choice, sometimes little Selena doesn't understand, and she stands with her face pressed up against the window watching her brothers play outside. Oh my god, I can't. This is just too sad. Let the girl go outside! She's just a little kid and you're already making her do pageants! Jesus! And Selena couldn't be more clear about what she wants. She's talking directly to the camera, saying:

Toddlers and Tiaras Selena TLC

“I really want to play outside. Like my brothers. Awwwww!”

She actually says ‘awwww'. This girl is three and already knows that life isn't fair. That's a little early, don't you think? Shouldn't you wait until she's at least in her teens before you teach her to start feeling sorry for herself? Cut the girl some slack and let her go outside, wouldja? It's not like she's begging you to start her own meth lab or slice up live pigeons to see what's inside. She. Wants. To. Play. Outside.

Ugh, I don't know what I expect from watching this show, but every time I think they've gone as far as they can go…Honey Boo Boo jumps out of a cake and slaps me upside the head.