Video: Toddlers And Tiaras Moves Into Ever More Effed Up Territory With This Slapping Scene

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The most interesting thing on Toddlers and Tiaras has always been the way the pageant moms project their own failed dreams onto children who are barely old enough to walk.  The most messed up thing is what this can do to kids who aren't well-suited (and/or ready) for the pageant lifestyle. Both of those things come together in this preview video from the upcoming season, which hints that it will be the darkest one yet.

The clip shows pageant mom Jessica engaging in a delusional speech about what a great performer her daughter Ava, who is not even two yet, is. “Ava's biggest strength is her personality, she is a little ham,” she says. WHAT PERSONALITY? Ava doesn't even talk in this segment, and what little understanding of the world she does manage to display is of the barely coherent two-year-old variety. It comes as no surprise, then, that Ava throws a tantrum (we don't know why) during which she slaps her mother in the face, and after spending one minute with Jessica, I have to say I'm kind of on her side. I'd slap that woman too, if she were trying to turn me into a tiny, glittery version of herself when I just wanted to play with dolls and eat applesauce. I can only assume there's a whole lot more madness where this clip came from.

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