‘Toddlers And Tiaras’ Mom Accused Of Child Abuse

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Jeannie AlcalarIf you have ever watched TLC's creepy child pageant show Toddlers and Tiaras and felt a little icky, here's proof that you weren't completely off base. One of the moms featured on the show, Jeannie Alcalar, has been brought up on charges of child abuse and neglect in connection with a day care center she runs.

The charges brought against Jeannie are pretty horrible, including nearly choking a 9-week-old and feeding babies hot sauce. What's more disturbing is that it seems that she still has custody of her two kids. But maybe the only abuse she's guilty of when it comes to her own children is pushing 5-year-old daughter Janene to win pageants.

“We've spared no expense on my daughter,” Jeannie says in one Toddlers and Tiaras clip. “We want her to win at all costs.”