Today’s afternoon gossip brought to you by Harley the Wonder Dog

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harley.pngSee that dog? Right now, he's curled up on his bed after a hard day of moving from one side of the house to the other to change napping positions. I know, hard life, right? He's snoring right now, too, making me sleepy. I can feel a nap coming on….

Okay, on to the gossip! First, sadly enough, Pink and husband Carey Hart are separating after only two years of marriage. Probably because hello? Isn't Pink gay?

Stick a Fork In ‘Em, Pink and Carey Hart Are Done

pink-corey.pngYep, it's true. Their official statement is that they will continue to be friends, they came to this at mutual agreement, they're sorry it had to end this way, yada yada yada. Personally I bet he just got tired of her making him shave her back or something weird like that. – source

Next: Rumer Willis was kicked out of a club, but not because they were scared of her chin.

Denied! Rumer Willis

Turns out that the legal drinking age is 21 – who knew? Rumer Willis apparently didn't, because she tried to get into a club and the management said “no way!” You can hear her bouncers arguing with these guys, they were perfectly justified in throwing her out, they could lose their license:

Seriously, what an idiot. Didn't Bruce and Demi teach you how to go clubbing, Missy? Sheesh.

Next, Britney Spears is up to her old tricks of shoplifting again.

Britney Spears has Sticky Fingers

britney_8.pngOh, yes – I guess various mental illnesses and addictions pretty much excuse you from being held responsible for shoplifting these days?

So I guess she was wandering around Fred Segal this weekend, tried on a few things, and then walked out wearing something she liked. Except she sort of used the Five Finger Discount, if you know what I mean. Store employees said that looked “dazed and confused”, so everything pretty much normal there, but why didn't they call the cops on her theiving ass? I would've made a freaking citizens' arrest and duct-taped her to a chair or something. Tough love! – source

What else we got today…oh, Angelina Jolie is probably pregnant because she is asking for maternity leave.

Another Baby for Brad and Angelina

angelina_jolie_kids.pngDang, if these two don't watch out, they're going to be like the Duggars. Rumor has it that Angie has asked for maternity leave next summer on the set of her newest project, which I'm guessing means she's either pregnant now or plans to get pregnant like real fast. Either way, I think it's great they're having lots of kids, and if they want a few more I'd be glad to acommodate.

Last but not least, I want to sear your mind with this image of the Cat Woman:


Isn't she a vision? This is Jocelyn Wildenstein, who is on a quest to become the only living cat woman. Or something like that. I think whoever keeps doing this stuff to her should be drawn and quartered, don't you?

Well, that's about it for today….till tomorrow morning my little pumpernickels!