Tobey Maguire And Leonardo DiCaprio Are The Poor Man’s Version Of Ben And Matt

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The Great Gatsby Tobey Maguire Leonardo Dicaprio

Have you ever sat around and wondered who would be the poor man's version of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? As a professional celebournalist, I have. And today, after months of debating with myself, I can finally declare Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio to be the winners of that highly coveted award. (To be given out at the annual Poor Man's Version ceremony in June 2013. In the lobby of a Holiday Inn somewhere in Florida.)

Last night Tobey Maguire visited David Letterman on The Late Show to promote The Great Gatsby and ended up talking a lot about his best friendship with Leo. Because they've apparently been best friends for like ever. Or for the past 25 years. He even pulled out this sweet photo of them at around 15 to prove it. Which is smart. Because I'm sure a lot of guys walk around Hollywood pretending to be BFF with Leo. Such as that guy who played Fabrizio. Or Kathy Bates. Can't you just see Kathy Bates making up stories about the hijinks she and Leo got up to on set. Alternatively if you just want to see Kathy Bates, turn on TBS any given Saturday morning and she's probably starring in a random movie.

Leonardo Dicaprio Tobey Maguire Childhood Friends

After showing us this sweet photo, he proceeded to tell a super fun on-set story — the kind that only sounds fun to them and probably made everyone else on set want to start leaking stories to the press — about how hard it was to film Gatsby scenes with Leo.

Well we had fun. I will say there was a day on set where Leo had to be, as Jay Gatsby, very stern with Nick Caraway. And I don't know… It was like what he had to say to me and his attitude and the blocking. He like goes up a couple of steps, and like turns around very serious to me and says this stern thing. And I just started breaking up laughing. Cut to a half a day later, and im not even kidding. This is like fifteen seconds in the movie… And we're going on a half a day and finally I had to leave the set to shoot his side of it and then he had to leave the set so we could shoot my side of it.

While I already felt real jazzed about seeing this movie (in order and not in two minute snippets), this whole story really put me over the edge. There's something real special about watching friends play friends in a movie. And I thinking knowing that they couldn't even film serious scenes in the same room together will add a whole new dimension to the film to me. Which is pretty intense since it's already in 3D. But I'm totally ready. And so is the 10th Grade English student inside of me!