TLC’s ‘My Crazy Obsession’ Promises Fine Trainwreck Entertainment For All

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If you like the insane, can't-look-away, glad-I'm-not-them human drama of Hoarders, you'll love My Crazy Obsession, premiering this coming Wednesday on TLC!

The first episode takes a look at some people who are addicted to collecting Cabbage Patch dolls, as well as a woman named Kitten Kay Sera who refuses to eat, wear, pet, or look at anything that hasn't been dyed pink.

First, longtime married couple Pat and Josie have dedicated a significant amount of their lives and finances to collecting Cabbage Patch dolls, which they talk to and treat like their own children. Pat claims he knows it's just a fantasy, but it's nevertheless disturbing to watch him and his wife interact with the dolls like they're real people and not amalgamations of cloth and stuffing, even going so far as to arrange “play dates” with other people's dolls.

Unlike Pat and Josie, Kitty's obsession does not seem to have a financial impact on her life. She just really likes the color pink, okay? Pink walls, pink dog, pink egg salad, pink thoughts, etc. I hate to say it, but I think the episode shot its wad a bit early, as Kitty's pink fervor seems like a mere quirk compared to the Cabbage Patch people. Then again, I guess she provides some much needed levity.

Like most mental health-related reality shows, My Crazy Obsession walks the line between sympathetic documentary and pure exploitation. But I've watched enough reality TV so that I'm pretty okay with that. If you are too, you'll probably love this show. If not, well, what are you doing reading a blog about trashy entertainment?

My Crazy Obsession premieres Wednesday, March 7th at 10pm ET on TLC.