TLC’s Welcome To Myrtle Manor Is The Quirky Trailer Park Show You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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Myrtle Manor

Because Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was just not enough to quench our constant thirst for Southern charm, TLC has come through for us again with a new ten-part reality series called Welcome to Myrtle Manor, which will chronicle “the crazy antics at a trailer park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.” The show has a cast of characters almost as large as The Lord of the Rings, and they're all about as quirky as they come.

As a fan of both quirkiness and ensemble casts, I am very excited about this. In the words of Stefon, this show has everything: family businesses, trucker hats, turtle hunting, man boobs, jingle-writing, and a witch. Just to name a few.

The show follows Becky, who has been given control of Myrtle Manor (which used to be called Patrick's Mobile Home) from her father Cecil, and is trying to turn it into a “5-star resort,” complete with a hair salon and an above-ground swimming pool. Anyone else wondering how to book a room?

Characters include Becky's newly single, motorcycle-riding Aunt Jeana; Chelsey and Lindsay, co-founders of Darlin' Dogs hot dog stand; Amanda, the new Darlin' Dogs employee who says “You can't call someone a true friend until you get into a fight” (amen?); Roy, a makeup artist and former drag queen; Miss Peggy (not to be confused with Miss Piggy), the oldest resident of Myrtle Manor; and Shellie, the witch. Plus a few more just-as-eccentric characters I've failed to mention. I think I just died and went to the big trailer park in the sky.

Welcome to Myrtle Manor premieres Sunday, March 3 at 10 PM ET/PT, so grill up some hot dogs, put on your trucker cap and make a night of it. And the best part? The show is an hour long! TLC, you never fail to give us one more reason to keep paying for cable.

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