5 Facts About Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World Scene Stealer T.J. Miller

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T.J. Miller Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Friendsy's

If you're an avid moviegoer, chances are you've noticed the same burly, curly-haired guy popping into several new releases' most memorable scenes. That would be T.J. Miller, comedian and actor: He has a brief cameo in Rock of Ages as the Rolling Stone receptionist who has a bizarre phone conversation with Tom Cruise‘s Stacee Jaxx character; and in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (out this Friday), he plays the chipper host at Friendsy's, a TGIFriday's kind of establishment whose waiters have decided to spend their final days having orgies atop fried food and brightly-colored drinks.

T.J. is like this unbridled ball of energy, and always a delight when you catch him in various films. You may also recognize him from small bits in She's Out of My League and Get Him to the Greek—and geeks will have a moment of silence for his Cloverfield cameraman Hud. But as T.J.'s star keeps climbing, here's what you should know about him.

1. T.J.'s first big comedy roles were appearing on the roundtable on Chelsea Lately and doing stand-up on Conan in 2010 and 2011. (He recently visited the show in Chicago and did this great bit about people who make fun of their friends for how they laugh.)

2. Who knew that there was a “comedians' code”? Thanks to T.J., we do, since he allegedly broke it when he called out Dane Cook back in January. In one of Cook's first shows in over a year, he personally insulted several audience members, and T.J. didn't take kindly to that kind of abuse. A mini Twitter war ensued, though it was more their respective fanbases bashing each other. Ultimately, T.J. apologized for using such a public forum but pointed out that paying audiences shouldn't be made to feel like shit. Fair enough.

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