Live Vicariously Through Tituss Burgess As He Talks About Hanging Out With Tina Fey

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Live Vicariously Through Tituss Burgess As He Talks About Hanging Out With Tina Fey Tituss Burgess Seth Meyers August 2015 jpg

Seth Meyers is on a Late Night roll. Last night not only did he get Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen to show off their Australian accents, but he also spoke to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss Burgess and got him to spill details about that time he hung out with Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski on a private jet. I feel a kinship with Tituss because we share an alma mater, so this was very exciting. It’s almost like I was there with them. Except no, I wasn’t there, and I have to live with that very depressing fact for the rest of my life.

But on to cheerier thoughts. Tituss starts his feybulous story off on the right foot by revealing that Tina really likes a made-up word he uses — “overstand.” It’s what you say when someone’s explaining something to you but giving you way more information than you need in order to understand. You just say, “I overstand.” It’s actually very useful, and since Tina Fey gave it her stamp of approval, I’m going to start annoying everyone I talk to by saying it at every opportunity, even when it doesn’t make sense for the conversation. That’s just how I roll.

Then Tituss gets to the important part of his story. Namely, the part about riding on a private jet with Tina Fey and lip syncing to Beyonce’s “Flawless.” If you haven’t seen the Instagram Tituss posted from this priceless moment, you best get to it. You might be wondering if Tina already knew the lyrics to the song beforehand. You’ll be happy to hear that the answer is apparently yes, as Tituss says that Tina just knows the lyrics to everything, because she’s Tina Fey so of course she does. Do you overstand how great this is? DO YOU?