Tituss Burgess Got Back At A Rude Casting Director In The Best Possible Way

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Tituss Burgess Got Back at a Rude Casting Director in the Best Possible Way Tituss Burgess Kimmy Schmidt meet me gif


Last night Tituss Burgess of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Unfortunately they didn’t sing a duet. I though a duet was pretty much a guarantee considering Stephen loves doing them with his musically talented guests, and Tituss just did a pretty great one with Tina Fey. But alas, it was not so. That’s okay, though, because Tituss told a pretty great story to make up for it. It has to do with an audition he had back when he was a struggling actor like his character Titus Andromedon.

After making it clear that Kimmy is Titus’ roommate, and not the other way around, Tituss tells Stephen about the time a casting director, whom he won’t name, talked on her phone the whole time he was singing.

“I was literally doing my audition, and she was on the phone. So I guess whatever she was ordering for lunch was more important than the high C’s I was belting out.”

Wow. In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner, how rude. But don’t worry, Tituss got back at her. He says that he saw this casting director recently on the street, and she saw him too. So what did he do for revenge? No, he didn’t throw a glass of his new pinot noir in her face. And no, he didn’t ask if she’s been binge watching that hit show he’s on. Instead, according to him, “I just got on my phone and waved.”

YES. Do you know how many people I wish I could do this to? I mean, not get on my phone and wave at them, but do something that perfectly throws their rudeness back in their face, depending on the specific situation? But instead I either never see them again or I totally freeze up when the opportunity arises. Tituss is a true American hero.