James Cameron Wants To Help Mythbusters Disprove The Jack/Rose Plank Theory From Titanic

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Titanic plank Rose Jack theory float buoyancy Reddit James Cameron interview MythbustersI feel like James Cameron vacillates between being kind of a hardass and being very easygoing when discussing his films. And with Titanic 3D out earlier this year, he's had to revisit his seminal movie and all the baggage that it's gathered in the past fifteen years. But while you have interviews of him telling Kate Winslet to “get over it,” we're also gifted with moments where the shield comes down and he levels with you. Props to Boing Boing for noticing that in a recent interview with IGN, Cameron is totally willing to address the most famous Titanic fan theory—whether Jack and Rose could've both survived on the plank.

You can watch the bit at 4:25, but in short, the interviewer brings up the Reddit thread devoted to actually devising the physics of whether Rose should've let Jack clamber up on the detached door instead of leaving him to perish in the icy Atlantic waters. Not only had Cameron heard of the thread, but he also knew that the Mythbusters guys are already planning on giving us the definitive answer in an upcoming episode. “It's interesting,” he tells the interviewer, “'cause I think Mythbusters is  gonna tackle this problem, and I'm gonna help them do it, actually. We're gonna put it to rest.”

Good for Cameron for having such a good sense of humor about this! If I were a filmmaker, I'd be tickled beyond belief that people were still debating this major dramatic moment a decade and a half later. Of course, you can tell he clearly believes that he's in the right and that science will back him up, as the Reddit thread ultimately determined. Maybe the Mythbusters guys should abandon the buoyancy argument altogether and just focus on whether Rose is a c-word for dropping the Heart of the Ocean into the water. Because I'd love to see Cameron defend that argument.

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