Is That The Heart Of The Ocean In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To Return To The Titanic?

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Icebergs, corsets and steamy hands on car windows still haunt my dreams. 15 years after seeing Titanic twice in theaters and 700 times on my two-VHS boxset, I've memorized every moment of the movie and spent hours researching the actual disaster online. So yes, some might say I'm obsessed with ill-fated ocean liners.

Therefore the news that Julian Fellowes, creator of the critically-acclaimed Downton Abbey, created a Titanic miniseries in the same vein is the best news I've heard since TBS agreed to play the movie once a month from now until the end of time. There's no better way to procrastinate doing chores and errands than sitting down to a six-hour movie on a Sunday.

Producer Nigel Stafford-Clark says that while the miniseries will obvioulsy center around the ship's voyage and its subsequent sinking, it will not follow the same story line as the film.

 “We took the decision right at the start that we were making a very different version of the Titanic story and therefore while we were extremely grateful to Cameron for developing the technology that enabled us to do it, we weren't going to parallel ours to his.”

Instead of focusing on one selfish relationship (seriously Rose, there was so much room on that board), they're going to focus on several different people and how they react to the disaster. Basically it will be Downton Abbey on Water, very different then the upcoming traveling ice show Downton Abbey on Ice.

Although we have to wait until April for the miniseries to premiere on ABC, you can prepare now by listening to Downton Abbey on mute while playing “My Heart Will Go On” in the background as someone paints you in the nude. Like one of Jack's french girls.

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