This Abridged Version Of Titanic Just Inspired The Best Iceberg-Themed Drinking Game Ever

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You can only watch Titanic so many times before you start to grow tired of the entire story. Ship departs, ship hits iceberg, ship sinks. We all know the story. Almost as well as we know that the Jack could have fit onto that board with Rose.  But let's say your friends are still insisting you pay the $58 to see it in 3D or let's say it comes on TV one lonely Saturday and you get sucked into watching it again in the near future.

Let's say all that and also say that all this viewing requires a drinking game. A drinking game to end all iceberg-themed drinking games. A drinking game inspired by Jack and Rose themselves. You know why? Because after watching this abridged version of Titanic, it becomes obnoxiously clear how many times Jack and Rose say eachother's names in the movie. A LOT.  I would go as far as to say they yell at it each other an obnoxious amount.

So how can this video help you help yourself get incredibly drunk? Next time you're watching the full-length movie, split into teams. Let's call them Team Rose and Team Jack. Then if you're on Team Rose you have to take a drink (a sip really, if you want to survive the movie) every time Jack says Rose's name. Vice Versa for Team Jack.

Sounds like fun right! I think even Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet would agree it's really the best way to watch the movie.