It Doesn’t Matter Who Tina Majorino Plays On True Blood, Because We’ll Love Her Anyway

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Tina Majorino True Blood key member Vampire Authority support staffGood news: Tina Majorino has a new gig! The beloved former child star/cult actress to some extent has been popping up on various procedurals like Bones and Castle over the last year, but now she's returning to HBO: She's the latest guest star to join True Blood and will be appearing on the third episode of season 5, set to air on June 24. (She had previously appeared on Big Love as the friend of Amanda Seyfried‘s character; the two both owe their early success to 2004's Veronica Mars.)

The actual details of Tina's character are disappointingly vague: All we know from Michael Ausiello is that she'll play “a key member of the Vampire Authority's support staff.” For those who have been out of the loop, the Vampire Authority is a council that includes seven of the most politically powerful vampires. They use state-of-the-art technology and a secret police to keep the vampire community following their agenda. The council was created by Christopher Meloni‘s character Roman, which makes me wonder if those two will share screentime.

Regardless of where she fits into season 5's plot, I predict that viewers will love her no matter what. Tina is one of those few child stars who grew up into a normal person—yeah, that was her in Andre way back when. She came out of the woodwork for cult projects like Veronica Mars and Napoleon Dynamite; whenever I hear her name, it's because someone is gushing over how her deadpan performance elevates whatever show/movie she's in. So even though True Blood has gotten pretty campy and turned off a lot of people, Tina will probably serve as the embodiment of the cliché “fresh blood.”

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