Tina Fey Admits To Missing The ‘Beautiful, Healthy Lindsay Lohan’ From Mean Girls

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Tina Fey And Lindsay Lohan on the Mean Girls red carpetWell, she's done it again. Tina Fey has given us even more proof that she's one of the most perfect human beings on the planet ever to be bound for the fiery, Taylor Swift-stoked fires of hell. In a recent statement to Ladies' Home Journal, Tina says that the first thing that comes to mind from her time filming Mean Girls is ‘beautiful, healthy Lindsay Lohan‘. And she leaves it exactly at that. She doesn't need to make the kind of snarky, judgmental comments that I make my living on; she just brings up how healthy and beautiful LiLo used to be, and we can connect those dots all on our own.

Tina has always made a point of steering away from the traditional party line on female body image, and particularly since she's had her two daughters, Alice and Penelope, she's made an even greater effort to set a good example. In her own words:

“[I] try not to speak badly about my own body or food things in front of them. And I never talk to them about their bodies in terms of anything but being healthy.”

It's great to see a woman and mother as high-profile as Tina paying such close attention to the subliminal messages her daughters pick up from her. The same way she handled the quote about Lindsay, Tina gives her daughters enough information to to make their own informed decisions while not hovering over them with opinions.

“You know what's interesting. I played the Free to Be…You and Me video for my daughter, Alice, who's 7, and it brought up things for her that just aren't issues anymore. The song talks about everything girls can do—but she was looking at me like, ‘I know, Mom. I know I can be president, so why are we singing a song about this?'”

Of course. OF COURSE Tina Fey's daughters know they can be president. That is exactly how it should be. Now grow up quick so you can start going on double dates with Amy Poehler‘s sons Archie and Abel. Or just being BFFs and/or co-presidents with them. It's really your call.

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