Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin Impression Returned to SNL This Weekend, You Betcha

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Tina Fey Sarah Palin SNL 2016

The best thing to ever come out of Sarah Palin's existence is Tina Fey's impression of her. It brings so much joy to my life that I almost want to thank Palin for making it possible, if the idea of thanking Sarah Palin for anything didn't immediately make me break out in hives. Since Palin has been out of office and Tina has been off SNL for quite some time now, we've been without the wonders of her impression. But since Palin recently delivered a speech endorsing Donald Trump for president, Tina braved a blizzard to parody it for us. Bless her.

Tina donned a chillingly accurate replica of Palin's weird jangly jacket (Are those wind chimes?), put on a wig with just the right amount of backcomb, and got to work. She declared that she took a break from her “full-time career of writing things on Facebook” to be in Iowa supporting Mr. Trump (Darrell Hammond), who spends the whole sketch delivering snarky asides to the camera about her. As he says himself, “It's like her mouth starts driving before her brain gets in the car.”

And if you thought Tina's version of the speech was pure fiction with no basis in anything Sarah actually said, think again. All that weird rhyming and listing of different types of people and talk of Donald Trump kicking ISIS' ass? That was all real. Sure, she may not have mentioned two broke girls or three men and a baby, but I'm sure that was just in an earlier draft and had to be cut for time. The “teachers and teamsters” and “rockin' rollers and holy rollers,” though? Totally real. That's the beauty of Sarah Palin (and of Donald Trump, for that matter) — they do all the work for you.

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