Tina Fey’s Kids Unimpressed With Her Career, Meanwhile Everyone Else Is Blown Away By Everything She Does

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Tina Fey Tears

Tina Fey's daughters, Alice and Penelope Richmond, have proven that they indeed have the highest standards of us all. Because, while the rest of the world is in love with literally all of Tina's choices, Alice and Penelope are none too pleased that she didn't end up playing Queen Elsa in Disney's Frozen. Like, they're not upset with her role as Nadya in Muppets Most Wanted, they're just hilariously disappointed.

I say “hilarious” because I actually cannot imagine not being obsessed with everything Tina does in her career. But, there they are, requesting that their mother go back in time and be cast as Elsa. In an interview with Collider, Tina and her Muppets cast mastes shared what their own children think of them being a part of the beloved kid's franchise. And as per usual, Tina brought home the gold.

My children are very excited to see the movie, but they just want me to be Queen Elsa. 

I like to imagine that, when they found out that Tina would be in Muppets, they responded with a mixture of stink eye and sociopathic catchphrase. Or maybe with just a reassuring look that says, “better luck next time, scout.” A final guess is that they flat out let Tina know that sharing the screen with Kermit is good, but being a badass ice queen is what will win you the approval and admiration of these two miniature ladies. And if the approval of kids is not what we're all striving for, then I don't know what is.

So here's to hoping that one day, Tina will finally be cool enough to impress her daughters. She impresses me effortlessly, so I'm afraid I'm not an authority on what exactly it will take. But I'd venture to guess something along the lines of literally morphing into a cupcake. That, or looking into that time travel thing and righting the cosmic wrong that was her not playing Elsa.

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