Why Tina Fey’s Daughter Alice Richmond Is Your New Favorite Person

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Why Tina Fey s Daughter Alice Richmond Is Your New Favorite Person Alice Richmond jpgI’ve known for a long time that Alice Richmond, Tina Fey’s 7-year-old daughter, is absolutely hilarious. She might even be funnier than her mom, even if just for the fact that she is a kid and therefore anything she says is automatically at least ten times more amusing. I think there’s a mathematical formula to prove it. It might have been what that movie A Beautiful Mind was about.

Tina’s doing a lot of interviews lately to promote her new movie Admission, and as usual she’s been telling priceless Alice stories which highlight the fact that while we sit at home hanging on Tina’s every word and action as if it’s our own personal oxygen (I keep trying to order a tank of it on the Internet but it doesn’t seem to exist), Alice is often so not impressed with what her mom says and does.

Tina recently told People magazine that, while everyone on the planet except Taylor Swift thought Tina and Amy Poehler should host everything ever after their gig at the Golden Globes, Alice didn’t get the hype:

“She drew a picture of me and Amy in our gowns,” recalls Fey. “It’s a pretty good drawing, but she did these dialogue bubbles with big question marks in them. She was like, ‘They’re because I didn’t understand any of your jokes!'”

I can already imagine Alice being that snarky, deadpan adult that you can’t help but want to befriend. I already want to befriend her. I think she might be my favorite person. So I scoured the Internet to find a few quotable reasons why she should be your favorite person too.

1.) She inspired perhaps the most quotable quote of all the 30 Rock quotes, which is quite a feat. Whenever you say “I want to go to there” about anything, remember that a kid made that up. What did you ever do?

2.) She played young Liz Lemon in the final season of 30 Rock, delivering an epic eyeroll (above) in the episode in which Liz gets married.

3.) She thinks “the most romantic part of the body is the butt.” Who doesn’t?

4.) She already has an arranged marriage with Amy Poehler’s kid. My new life goal is to be at that wedding.

5.) Her beauty idol is Barack Obama. If Tina can be Sarah Palin, why can’t Alice be Barack Obama? Exactly.

6.) She doesn’t buy into those sexist Disney princess stereotypes. When she plays Beauty and the Beast, Tina says, “She’s a pretty violent Belle. She’ll come in and say, ‘Gaston is hurt. I’ve killed him with a sword.’”

This just scratches the surface of why Alice Richmond is your new favorite person. There’s nothing like watching Tina Fey tell these stories herself, so please to enjoy the video below, where Tina recounts Alice mourning over her mother’s death and her crush on Guy Fieri.

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