Thankfully Tina Fey’s Daughter Has No Idea How To Play Baseball, Otherwise We Wouldn’t Get This Story

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Tina Fey Late Night With Seth Meyers May 2014

Last night Tina Fey visited Late Night With Seth Meyers, and I have a feeling she or someone at Seth's show must realize just how much we all obsess over her stories about her daughters, because she gave us a new one. Apparently her older daughter Alice (aka the future queen of comedy, you mark my words) has started playing baseball but has no idea what she's doing. And Tina's way of talking about it is a home run. She hits it outta the park. It's better than peanuts and Cracker Jack. If you don't like it, three strikes, you're out. Okay, I think I got all the puns out of my system.

For someone like me who approaches team sports wielding a clove of garlic and a cross while splashing holy water in front of me, I relate to Alice's lack of baseball savvy. Although I can't really relate to her dedication to playing well, since most of my time spent on the field would involve creeping closer and closer to the exit until I could make a run for it. But I admire her desire to play well. I also admire the fact that Tina Fey is telling us about it. Because Alice is older now, we're not getting as many of those silly impersonations Tina is fortunately still doing of her youngest Penelope, but she still manages to capture Alice's hilarious essence.

You'll also enjoy Tina's admission that she's turned into a hardass about the sport like her dad was. So she's basically like a stage mom, but with baseball, which instantly gave me images of Amy Poehler in Mean Girls dancing in the aisles with her camcorder. And now I obviously need Tina Fey to write a new movie all about intense baseball moms that will star her and Amy and have twenty sequels. Wow, that escalated quickly.