Tina Fey Changes Bodies With Alec Baldwin, Tells Paparazzo To Go F*ck Himself

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Tina Fey Mean Girls

Well I guess it's a Freaky Friday after all. The usually calm and collected Tina Fey allegedly responded to a paparazzi's question about Taylor Swift yesterday by telling him to go fuck himself. I say allegedly for two reasons. E! Online's link to the video no longer works. And it's Tina Fey. While I'm sure many thing get her upset, I highly doubt Taylor Swift is one of them.

Then again she did spend several years working with Alec Baldwin, a man who's well known for having squabbles with paparazzi. Physical squabbles. Perhaps she channeled him for a few brief moments in an attempt to deal with the photographer's question. Or perhaps she really Freaky-Fridayed with him. I heard that once, on an episode of Bill Nye: The Science Guy I believe, that when two celebrities work together for longer than 90 days they're capable of changing bodies. At their will, of course. This isn't like the movies where you need to find a magical fortune cookie to undo it.

So maybe Tines saw the paps lurking outside and switched bodies with Alec for a hot sec.  Or maybe she really did use the F-word. But I just can't picture her doing that. Then again, it is possible that she's preparing for her special place in Hell by being more openly hostile to people. Either way, I'm on Team Tina!

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