Timothy Olyphant: New ‘Office’ Baddy

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Excited, excited, excited! We don't really know why getting Timothy Olyphant from Justified for this little piece of stunt casting on Steve Carell‘s finale season of The Office makes us squeal with joy, because really if the show's writers wanted to keep going with their TV cross-overs, they'd keep on hiring people from The Wire.

(We could totally see Dominic West coming in to Sabre and trying to woo…Angela? I guess Angela is still single.) But hey, picking amazing actors from other defunct shows like Deadwood is good too…though Ian McShane would have made just as good of an antagonist to Michael Scott as the slimy Timothy will be. Oh man, Ian McShane could be married to Sabre's Kathy Bates! Okay…anyone else have some good idea on interesting casting for the final member season