Hunger Games Fan Gets Sent To Detention, But Not For The Reason You Think

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Effie Trinket "That is mahogany!" Hunger Games fan sent to detentionThis story is partly frustrating, partly adorable. If I told you that Timothy Oldham got sent to detention for channeling a Hunger Games character, you would assume that he dropped a beehive onto another student or tried to make his dog act like a muttation and maul the other kids on the playground, right?

But no. All he did, as you'll see in the detention slip below, was shout Effie Trinket‘s now-beloved line “That is mahogany!” What utter bullshit, right? Since when does a kid get punished for quoting a movie? It supposedly happened at lunch time, which makes it even odder: Isn't the cafeteria where you're allowed to shout and carouse without fear of getting scolded? Because it's clear that the teacher who wrote out the detention slip didn't get the reference, but I can't imagine what defense s/he had instead.

Timothy Oldham detention "That is mahogany!" Hunger Games fan Effie Trinket

And yet, Elizabeth Banks‘ line is one of the few that wasn't in the book that has become instantly quotable. Case in point, this video of Jennifer Lawrence imitating Effie during an unscripted interview.

Timothy's age isn't made clear, but I'm going to place him in middle school—mostly because a) yelling out obscure quotes from a dystopian book series/movie and b) quoting a female character is something you stop doing once you hit high school and get really self-conscious. I just hope that this misunderstanding doesn't stop him from being an awesome fan.

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