16 Time-Travel Romance Movies That Are Actually Pretty Cute

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When you hear that a movie involves time-travel, it's easy to assume that it's just a sci-fi flick. It must be about evil geniuses, warped timelines, or a daring adventure through the centuries! It can't possibly be an adorable romance movie… Right? Well, you'd be surprised! It turns out that “time-travel romance” is a pretty substantial romantic drama sub-genre! When you think about it, it makes sense. Having the ability to travel through time certainly would make dating someone very interesting – and probably quite complicated!

Time-travel romances have the ability to make you laugh, cry, or sit staring at the screen in confusion. They certainly add a new dynamic to the classic “boy-meets-girl” trope – and often in a good way! Here are just some of the movies in this genre that you absolutely have to see. Buckle down – you're in for a wild ride through space and time!