Time To Grow Up, Millennials: Hilary Duff/Lizzie McGuire Is Pregnant

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Time to Grow Up  Millennials  Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire Is Pregnant hilarymike jpgYesterday, Hilary Duff joyfully announced that she’s expecting her first child with hubby Mike Comrie. (They got married a little over a year ago.) The news came not through a rep, but on her official site and was addressed to her supportive fans. But it’s her fans who are reacting oddly to the news: Suddenly, they all feel really old.

Go on Twitter, and you’ll see a ton of retweets of basically the same sentiment: Hilary’s pregnancy means that your childhood is over. @ohmyjustinbiebs best outlines the dilemma of all young Millennials in this tweet.

Time to Grow Up  Millennials  Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire Is Pregnant hilarytweet jpg

The thing is, Hilary’s Disney career wasn’t even part of these kids’ childhoods. The Lizzie McGuire movie (which marked the end to the TV series) came out in 2003, four years before Selena Gomez‘s Wizards of Waverly Place even started. Zack and Cody weren’t enjoying the Suite Life until 2005. Lizzie McGuire doesn’t even play in repeats, and it’s listed as “DVD availability unknown” on Netflix.

These younger fans know Hilary Duff, of course, but it’s for her later projects like Material Girls and Gossip Girl. Case in point: Even though she’s trending on Twitter, they’ve misspelled her name as Hillary!

One of my friends (who’s 20) best summarized this divide on her Facebook status: The fact that Lizzie McGuire is pregnant makes me feel really old. The kids who watched Zoe 101 must feel ancient. Because these kids should stop pretending like they ever watched Lizzie hang out with Gordo and Miranda, and instead admit that the only teen-star-turned-mother that they have any emotional connection to is Jamie Lynn Spears!