TIME Magazine Names Mysterious Newcomer Barack Obama As Their Person Of The Year

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news obama rally folrida 051112One of the reasons I like TIME Magazine so much is that they always keep me on the cutting edge of what's new and next. They're so up-to-date and current that it feels like looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future. And as always, they've chosen someone really mysterious and unexpected for their 2012 ‘Person of the Year' — some gentleman by the name of Barack Obama.

He apparently attended Occidental University, Columbia University, and Harvard Law  Senator from the great State of Illinois, going on to become a lawyer, a constitutional law professor, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and the president of the United States of America. What a relevant choice! I never would have heard of this guy if Time didn't choose him as their Person of the Year…for the second time. Thank goodness I didn't have to live in ignorance.

No but seriously! When did magazines get so lazy? First People named Channing Tatum the Sexiest Man Alive, and now this? These selections aren't just supposed to be based on oversaturation! Just because Channing was in more movies this year than anybody else doesn't mean he's necessarily sexy…or good…or sexy. And the same thing with Obama! I love him as much as the next college-educated white female, but what a ‘gimme' choice for Person of the Year! It was an election year — of course you saw a lot of him in the media. But I think a lot of people would agree that there were some missteps in his campaign, and he got really lucky in the selection of Mitt Romney as a candidate, etcetera etcetera. Oh and ALSO. HE'S THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. We can read about him in any magazine. In fact, with the campaign and him being the incumbent and all, that's all we've been able to read about in any publication for months and months and months, so why don't you throw somebody a little more imaginative at us — maybe give your research department something to do. They already took off 2006 when “You” was the Person of the Year, and in 2011 when it was “The Protester”.

Also the last time a woman was chosen as ‘Person of the Year' was in 1986. Aka twenty-six years ago. Before I was born. So you can go ahead and suck my dick, TIME Magazine.

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