Can PR Teams Stop Pushing This Tim Tebow/Taylor Swift/Dianna Agron Love Triangle?

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For a little while now, we've heard rumors about a supposed Tim Tebow/Taylor Swift/Dianna Agron love triangle and we haven't felt the need to report on it. Not only because it's a classic snoozefest on top of a three scoops of vanilla ice cream sundae, but also because I'm convinced it's a PR set-up designed to make us interested in all three of their love lives.

However last night Dianna Agron spoke to Jimmy Kimmel on his show about this supposed love triangle and pushed it back into the spotlight, meaning I had to speak up about my PR conspiracy suspicions. While they're a little on the crazy side, just bear with me as I run through them.

As everyone knows Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow have very clean images. If stars had ratings, they would be G-rated. Even the Parents Television Council, who might comment that Tim Tebow touches other men too much while playing football, would wholeheartedly endorse their relationship if they started dating.

However their “relationship” was so G-rated that it never picked up steam and kind of faded away in the media. So the PR Gods needed a way to spice up the relationship and put them back in the regular news cycle without tarnishing their images. And what better way to do it than to get a PG-rated family friendly actress like Dianna Agron involved.

Although Dianna herself has never been involved in any kind of scandal, she dated bad boy Alex Pettyfer last year and gets a few scandal points by being in the LGBT-friendly Glee. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel she made a quick joke about her and Taylor Swift hooking up, followed that up with blowing a kiss to Taylor Swift and then refused to comment on whether she's interested at all in dating Tebow. It was perfect.

It created intrigue, without creating completely made-up stories about their faux-relationship. This triangle puts all three stars into the spotlight, even if they have nothing going on in their careers. It therefore keeps them all relevant without creating a scandal.What more could a celebrity want in this day and age?

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