The Tiger Eyes Trailer Premieres And I Feel Like I’m 13 (And Flat) All Over Again

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Tiger Eyes Willa Holland Judy Blume

The Tiger Eyes trailer starring Willa Holland is finally here! And while I highly recommend watching it, I also recommend it in a place far away from other people. Because the second you see the infamous Judy Blume book come to life, you're going to feel like you're 13 all over again. And for most of us, that's not a very good thing. Unless of course you were some kind of Kiernan Shipka and you managed to avoid your awkward stage. If that's the case, I hate you. And so do my two rounds of braces.

In case you're confusing this book with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing or BlubberTiger Eyes is the one about Davey — a girl with a murdered father who tries to find herself in New Mexico when visiting with her mother and little brother. She's not otherwise known as Sheila the Great, nor has she ever tried to apply freckle juice to her face.  And before you ask, she's not the green kangaroo in the middle either. She's just Davey, a girl with tiger eyes. While the trailer will confuse you at first because you'll see Willa Holland and think Kaitlin Cooper (you devil you!), you'll quickly remember why you loved this book. 

And on that very note, it's truly incredible to me that it took this long for a Judy Blume book to make it to the big screen. As someone who devoured everything she ever wrote years before I got my first period (and learned about losing your virginity from Forever), I'm kinda embarrassed for Hollywood. She's told so many incredible stories and it's amazing that none are currently in 3D. Hellooooo, are you there Hollywood? It's me, a member of the world's most nostalgic generation with money to spend at the box office! Let's get so more of these to the big screen stat.