The New Thor Trailer Just Reminded Me This Year Is Nerd Heaven

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Thor The Dark World trailer screen shot April 2013A new trailer for Thor: The Dark World was released today, and that eager creaking you're hearing is the sound of every nerd boner in the nation perking up its ears and starting to pay attention. And you know why? Because this 2013th Year Of Our Lord is nerdboy heaven. Thor is slated for release in November, but there's also Iron Man 3, which comes out May 3rd in all its Robert Downing Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow glory. (Wait, quick unrelated question — since Gwyneth is so famously crazy about food and her refusal to put any of it in her body — what does she do if she has to eat something in a scene? Just…not do that movie? I'm genuinely curious.) Plus, I'm personally really excited for Star Trek: Into Darkness. That is my jam, you guys, and I'm not afraid to wave my nerd flag about it. It shall be arriving on the big screen on May 15th of this year, and even if I get a screener through work, you know I'ma be at that midnight showing. YOU KNOW I AM.

But anyway, the Thor trailer. I actually didn't see the first one, so I have no idea how it ended, but it looks like in this one they somehow switch worlds, with Natalie Portman being spirited off to Thor's home planet or whatever, and Chris Eccleston in everyday clothes in some lobby somewhere. It also looks Chris Hemsworth rarely if ever removes his shirt, which is kind of a deal-breaker for me, I gotta say. There's a ton of exciting action, though, if that's your thing. And if you clicked on a post with ‘nerd heaven' in the title, I'm guessing it probably is.