What You Missed This Week In Pop Culture: Selena Gomez’s Blast From The Past, Halftime Controversy & More

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Every single day you can always expect a new scandal or headline popping up in your social media feeds about your favorite Hollywood celebs. However, while we always make sure to keep up with our favorite actors and musicians, there is always so much going on every news cycle that there’s no way that we can possibly keep up with every single thing happening in Tinseltown. So you can be your BFF’s go-to-gal with everything celebrity-related, we’re here to give you a quick rundown of the most important stories that surfaced this week in the crazy world of Hollywood.


NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Kelly Clarkson, New Noah Cyrus Feature, Selena Gomez Collaborates with Marshmello

After last Friday’s big song releases, pop fans were left overwhelmed with all the new song options. Looks like we can’t catch a break because this Friday, 10/27, was no different. From Kelly Clarkson to Selena Gomez, our Spotify playlists are going to be bumpin’ this weekend.

Kelly Clarkson shows us The Meaning of Life with new album

The former American Idol winner and multi-platinum artist shared with us her newest album, Meaning of Life. She’d been on a bit of a hiatus so it’s awesome to finally hear her powerful voice on new tracks. Safe to say, that girl’s got ~the range~. This is her eighth studio album!

Selena Gomez Collaborates with Marshmello

Selena Gomez debuted a new single, “Wolves, ”with producer Marshmello on Wednesday, 10/25. The EDM-inspired song is much different from her other recent releases, “Bad Liar” and “Fetish” — though it is just as good. It’s banger after banger for SelGo! AND according to the Hollywood Reporter, you can catch her perform the latest single live for the first time on television during the American Music Awards on Nov. 19. We’re sure there will be some great theatrics to complement the electric song.

There’s no word on a possible album release date (YET) but we’ll definitely be on the lookout! If her singles are any indicator, this album is going to be epic.

Are You “…Ready for…” Taylor Swift’s new Video?

Just a week after T Swizzle released her third single “Gorgeous” off her forthcoming album Reputation (coming Nov. 10!), she dropped the music video for her song “…Ready For It?”

We definitely weren’t ready for the crazy futuristic visuals that she gave us in this video. It includes robots, anime-inspired imagery, and even a naked Taylor cyborg. Craziness! Be sure to check it out. It’s worth the watch, plus you know everyone and their mom will be talking about it for days to come.

Selena Gomez’s blast from the past meetups this week — Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez had quite the week. After releasing her single “Wolves,” she had a couple reunions with two very important people from her past.

Is staying friends with your exes still a thing? According to US Weekly, the “Fetish” singer would say so. The pop starlet’s former beau, Justin Bieber was seen leaving her LA home on Oct. 22. Apparently, the two wanted to clear the air after Selena’s recent health scare. It’s been three years after Jelena’s messy off-and-on relationship ended. Besides sporadic Insta likes (& fights), we’ve hardly seen any evidence that the two kept in contact. Selena’s still with The Weeknd and Justin with… whoever he’s with… so the likelihood of the two getting back together anytime soon seems bleak. But it’s cool to see the two are back on good terms!

Selena’s meet up with the Biebs wasn’t her only TBT moment this week. She also linked up with former Disney Channel BFF, Demi Lovato at the InStyle Awards on Oct. 23.

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The pair’s rocky friendship dates back to their Barney and Friends days when they were tiny tots. However, Entertainment Weekly reports that Monday night marked the first time that they’ve been photographed together in fooreveerrr. There were rumors that Selena joining the Swift squad caused some drama between the two Disney stars, but it looks like it’s smooth sailing at the moment. Sure, it may have been just a quick snapshot, but we’re dying to know what the two chatted about. Will this lead to a Princess Protection Program sequel? Come on, I can’t be the only one who watched that?!

It Never Ends *cries*: Kardashians sign new $150 Million E! Contract

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We’ll be Keeping Up with the Kardashians for a couple of more years it appears.

According to TMZ, the modern day Brady Bunch (well the drama-filled reality TV version) has signed an insane $150 million deal that’ll extend their show into… 2019. The new joint deal will allow the Kardashians and Jenners to split the earnings amongst themselves while appearing in the various shows and specials within the KUWTK franchise. Apparently Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian will be taking home a majority of the earnings.

The deal is said extend the show to another five seasons, equating to $30 million per season., Obviously the family has A LOT of dramz that can be covered, what with the three pregnancies among the women — Kim, Kylie, and Khloé — that have been taking up headlines recently.

Our television screens and favorite magazine covers have been inundated with KarJenner related news over the past 10 years. The family EVERYWHERE, you can’t escape them. With all the family craziness going on it truly is hard ~keeping up with the Kardashians~ so we’re sort of happy the show can break it all down for us. Sorry, obvious joke there, I couldn’t resist.

Justin Timberlake to headline Superbowl Halftime

Earlier this week Justin Timberlake made the big announcement on his Twitter that he was officially making his return to the halftime stage at Superbowl 52 on February 4, 2018, in Minneapolis. The news of Timberlake making his way back to the most-watched event of the year comes almost 14 years after the infamous “Nipple Gate.”

The announcement came as a shock to many and received a ton of flack. After the aforementioned “Nipple Gate” involving Janet Jackson (where Justin accidentally ripped Janet’s breast out of her costume during the 2004 Superbowl halftime show), it was heavily rumored that Janetg received a lifetime ban from ever appearing at the event. Obviously with this week’s news, that ban didn’t extend to Justin as well??!? While there’s no denying his talent, it’s easy to understand the backlash. So of course, Janet stans, football fans and rando news viewers alike have every right to complain.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we started hearing “rumors” of Janet accompanying him on the stage, if only to silence some of the criticism that the announcement has gotten. Now whether she’ll actually appear is another question entirely…

Emma Stone moves from Spiderman to Funny Man

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Emma Stone seems to have moved on from Spider-Man costar, Andrew Garfield. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Emma is now dating SNL writer and segment director Dave McCary. Emma split with longtime beau Andrew back in 2015 and there were whispers of a possible reconciliation. Sadly, that appears to have been a false alarm.

McCary is just the latest of many SNL staffers hooking up with big time Hollywood celebs who appeared on the show. Ben Affleck is currently dating show producer Lindsay Shookus and “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost has also been seen kissing Scarlett Johansson a few months ago.

Teddy Geiger’s Gender Transition

This one is hot off the press. Speaking of Emma Stone’s love life, ex-bae Teddy Geiger released some information late last night that they are transitioning. When a fan asked why the singer had been looking “different lately,” Geiger decided to share with the world their true identity!


A post shared by Teddy Geiger (@teddygeiger) on

Since Geiger personally hasn’t said the full details of the transition or mentioned preferred pronouns, it’s a pretty safe bet to use they/them until Geiger says otherwise. This morning, they posted again to the ‘gram saying, “Woke up to so much love. I have the best friends.” We’re so happy for them!

Return to the Upside Down: Netflix Releases Stranger Things 2

**No Spoilers!** Fan favorite show Stranger Things made its way back to our computer screens and Chromecasts for its second season Oct. 27. Excuse us while we embarrassingly squeal in utter excitement.

The crew of misfits returns to the Upside Down just in time for Halloween. Perfect timing, Netflix! Now we’ve got .05 seconds to think up a creative Stranger Things 2-inspired costumes.

More major news for the hardcore fans of the show: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix plans to release an official Stranger Things recap show called Beyond Stranger Things along with the season two release. Other networks like HBO and AMC have done similar post-show recaps but this will mark Netflix’s first time giving it a try. We’ll see what happens!

Now we’re off to binge watch the show. Here’s to a relaxing weekend of zero productivity for us all!


That’s all for this week’s installment of This Week in Pop Culture, stay tuned for a new one next week. Because while celebs may go stale, you can count on the gossip to always stay fresh.