This Sweded Trailer Of The Avengers Is Amazing

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Sweding: To recreate a movie in the most low-budget but loving and respectful way. In Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black tells customers that these popular homages take longer to arrive and cost more because they're from Sweden.

And apparently sweding is not just a joke from a Michel Gondry movie, but a pastime with actual championships! SwedeFest, a festival which takes place in Fresno, CA, just tweeted the link to a sweded Avengers trailer. And wow, it's a lot of fun.

The toy-car explosions, dog cameo, and range of really accurate to half-assed costumes… You can tell these are real geeks who loved The Avengers trailer so much that they felt compelled to recreate it. And now I'm actually more excited for the movie.

Hey, all aspiring sweders—you've actually got til November 1 to submit your own passion project. So get to it!