This Is The Poster That A Movie Theater Put In Place Of The Human Centipede II’s Disturbing Poster

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Detroit's Main Art Theatre was apparently so squicked out by the first official poster for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) that they posted this happier, more soothing version in their lobby. We're not quite sure what the cupcakes and unicorns have to do with fusing people together for your own sexual desires, but OK? It's sort of a cross between The Neverending Story and The Last Unicorn

Not to worry, we've got the real one, too. We're trying to figure out if the poster is stylized and just trying to creep us out by constructing a  lifelike centipede out of a ton of human bodies, or if that's what the villain of Tom Six‘s sequel actually does. Is seeing people fused mouth-to-anus no longer enough to terrify and nauseate?

I'm totally seeing this movie.