The Trailer For This Is 40 Makes The Knocked Up Sequel Look Promising

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Way back when Judd Apatow announced he would be making This is 40,  a semi-sequel to the hit film Knocked Up about Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete's (Paul Rudd) family, I worried that it would just be Debbie complaining about how much her marriage sucked for two straight hours while Seth Rogen smoked out of a bong in the backyard. But after watching the first trailer for the movie, I'm actually kind of excited.

It's a sequel in the sense that  Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd play the same characters as they did in Knocked Up. But no other major players from Knocked Up makes an appearance in the trailer — or even in the IMDB credits. Good riddance she-devil Katherine Heigl.

Oh also, this movie looks a tad more serious than the last one. All mid-life-crisis-y. And as I always say, if you're going to watch anyone go through a mid-life crisis, you should be Paul Rudd. Why? He's Paul Rudd. I felt attracted to him even in the scene of the trailer where he has legs up in the air asking Leslie Mann to come look at something suspicious.

But before you start worrying that this is a some kind of tearjerker about growing older in a society where no one cares about you after your 21st birthday, know that Jason Segel and Melissa McCarthy are BOTH in it. Two awesome people in one movie.

So watch it now and let me know in the comments if you're excited.

(Photo: Movie Insider)