This .Gif Of Emma Watson And Jimmy Fallon Dancing Is Adorable

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Emma Watson Jimmy Fallon dance .gif The Perks of Being a Wallflower Grease Singin' In the Rain Dirty Dancing

One part of The Perks of Being a Wallflower that we're really looking forward to is when Emma Watson shows off her moves in the Rocky Horror Picture Show scene. We got a hint of it from the trailer — her shimmying around in a feather boa — but so far we haven't gotten much more proof that Hermione knows how to get down. Well, Jimmy Fallon took care of that for us last night when Emma was on his show. According to People, Jimmy asked Emma if she could show him some moves, to which she responded, “Yeah, for sure. Are you down?” She then took him through the steps of some iconic choreography, from Singin' in the Rain to Grease to, of course, the famous lift from Dirty Dancing. Emma later tweeted,

Danced with @jimmyfallon tonight . #anotherboxticked : )

Originally I was going to title this post something like This .Gif Of Emma Watson And Jimmy Fallon Will Help You Dance Into The Weekend, but I realized that the .gif itself is so applicable even beyond today. Sure, it's a fun way to round out the week, but it's also good for rainy days, break-ups with boyfriends, procrastination from doing your homework (seriously, it's mesmerizing), and will probably find its way into every subsequent Emma Watson post we write for Crushable. Not that we ever doubted it, but post-Harry Potter she just continues to charm.

OK, the video is pretty damn cute, too.

.gif: Lloyd Bishop/NBC