I Think Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Got Photoshopped Out Of The Dior Campaign

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Jennifer Lawrence in Dior campaign photo February 2014

Who is this strapping young gent in the new Dior campaign photos, and why does he bear such a passing resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence?

I know that Jennifer did the first two campaigns for Dior, and as far as I know, she intended to do the third one too, but that's where my understanding of this situation ends. Because you see, the person that I'm looking at, while sharing the basic feel of Jennifer Lawrence…does not actually resemble Jennifer Lawrence when you spend a reasonable time examining her. she. it. It reminds me of how when you say the word ‘chair' enough times in a row, it loses all meaning? That's how I feel when I look at the above photo for more than thirty seconds.

This impostor has the same sleepy Dior vibe that I've come to expect from Jennifer in these photo shoots, and her hair is just as fashionably bed-heady (in that way I can only really manage at the end of my day or on an occasion where no one will see me, but THAT'S FINE), but can it really be Jennifer? She who is so young and dewy and beautiful? Surely we would not be Photoshopping her in the first place, even though we definitely did before and surely will again. Sigh.

Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped in Dior campaign photo February 2014 full size

But those time was different, because that person still maintained Jennifer's basic vibe. The first photo I could buy as a lazy version of her fresh out of a relaxing oil bath, but this second one — no. That person has had all their features scrubbed away into a rubbery, boyish approximation of a young Cate Blanchett doll (Oscars sold separately), with all suggestion of breasts or lady parts erased and replaced with a body that serves only as a (very stylish) hanger for that coat.

But boy does she ever make me wanna buy that coat.

(Photos: Patrick Demarchelier for Dior)