Things Jessica Simpson Wish Would Just Go Away

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We all cringe when we see certain things again… like pictures of us with that awful 80s hair, mall bangs, or stone washed denim.

Celebs are no different. Especially Jessica Simpson. She’s done plenty of things that she probably regrets. Several things she probably tries to block out of her mind. And a few that she wishes would just plain go away. Like these, for instance:

Photos of Her With Brown Hair
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Unlike Ashlee (who dyes her hair for a fun change of pace), Jessica’s brown hair reminds her that she was once willing to change so badly in order to keep a man she thought changing her look to something “more serious looking” would make her smarter or more interested. (Note to every single female on the face of the earth: changing yourself does not make a guy who already doesn’t really love you want to love you more!)

The Sex Tape Rumor
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This is the rumor that just won’t die. Who knows if it’s really true? I have YET to see anyone that has any evidence that it is. It started way back when Jess was married to Nick Lachey, and has continued on through every relationship she’s had since.

The Curse
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It stinks to be dating a new guy and be totally and completely in love… only to have all of his fans claim that you are a CURSE. Of COURSE Jess isn’t a curse. She might not “get” that Tony should NOT be going to Cabo on a bye-week and should not have distractions… but that’s Tony’s issue not hers.

Carrie Underwood
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Jessica and Carrie have both claimed that there isn’t anything going on between them. No rivalry, no hatred, not even an ounce of dislike. But you know that probably isn’t true. Carrie saying that she still talks to Tony and the whole “Real Girls Eat Meet” incident have not helped this relationship.

Images: Bauer-Griffin