There’s An It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-Themed Bar In South Korea

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There s An It s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Themed Bar In South Korea sunnybar jpgWhile researching Three Musketeers star Logan Lerman for yesterday’s 5 Facts About…, I came across an interesting tweet from the actor. While in Korea promoting the movie recently, he stumbled across the South Korean version of a certain famous-but-fictional Philly bar…

There is an “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” themed bar in South Korea. Who would’ve known?

Lest you think he’d had one too many soju drinks, at least three other blogs have corroborated the existence of a Korean knock-off of the bar on FX’s hit show.

A commenter on Philadelphia magazine’s site mentioned the bar in September, and Wandering the Unknown took this lovely photo of the exterior. Two more detailed accounts locate the bar as in Busan, on Haeundae Beach. Savage Vantage reports that it was nothing like the show, far too clean with a trendy, hip Korean staff (though they were handing out cool logoed lighters). On Brian Dollar‘s visit, there was a bartender named Pooh, who told us he gave attractive lonely girls free drinks of Bacardi 151 rum.

In 2009, Sunny creator Rob McElhenney and wife Kaitlin Olson actually purchased a bar in Philadelphia, with the intent of reopening it as Mac’s Tavern (after his character on the show). The place seems to still be in business (judging from their official website), and it’s got mostly positive reviews on Yelp. According to the soft open in summer 2010, the bar does have themed menus and some small inside jokes (like the door marked “Pirate” instead of “Private”), but for the most part it stands on its own.