There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand, At Least According To This Vine

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I'm trying to remain calm over here, but I can't. We're in the final countdown of days until the fourth season of Arrested Development premieres on Netflix on May 26th. After years of praying for this to happen and years of forcing my friends to watch and years of no one getting my “her?” references, it's finally here. And I honestly couldn't be happier. Unlike when the show got canceled back in 2005, there are actually fans this time around. SO MANY FANS. I mean, come on, they're doing an actual banana stand tour right now and people are lining up for hours to get a banana. It's amazing. And even though I'm not in any way involved in the actual show, I still feel like I'm part of this super cool community that's finally getting the recognition that it deserves.

We are all Laney Briggs in She's All That and we're all at the point in the movie when she walks down the stairs post-makeover and shows everyone how much better she looks without glasses.   What brought on this impromptu toast to the show? Just this awesome vine from @Origiful that artistically brings the popular saying, “there's always money in the banana stand” to life — as well as the infamous chicken dance. Not only am I impressed with the work that actually went into this vine, but I'm impressed that fans care this much that they're creating this kind of awesomeness. Not only is the Arrested Development team killing it on Facebook and Twitter, but the fans are doing the same. Every day someone's sending me something new and every day I feel more and more like we're all part of this thing together.

I think I just figured out the point of the Internet guys? I mean besides using it to troll teenagers. It's also a great way to connect with people who have similar interests as you! Pretty neat, right? I mean, this epiphany certainly explains why so many AOL chatrooms existed in the 90s. Can I get a “press 123 if you're single and ready to mingle” up in here. Anyone? Anyone else remember being in age-inappropriate chatrooms? Cybering with strangers? And thinking cybering meant saying things like, “I'm now touching you on the shoulder, my hands graze your collar bone, your mom shouts something from the kitchen, you tell me you actually like my friend and want me to set you up, I cry, my mom comes to pick me up. We never talk again.” Yes? No? Sorry, that's just a little 1998 trip down memory lane for me. Forget I said anything. Just focus on that moving banana up there and the chicken dancing down here.