There’s A Good Chance That Newly-Out Zachary Quinto Is Dating Glee’s Jonathan Groff

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My original angle for this post was to complain that now that Zachary Quinto has come out of the closet, the tabloids are jumping over each other to match him up with other openly gay actors—namely, Jonathan Groff from Glee. But as I started doing more research into these guys' friendship, I found several reasons why they could be an actual item.

Let's start with the story that came out this week. The National Enquirer claims that the two actors have been secretly dating since last year, but that they kept it under wraps because Zachary was hiding his sexual orientation to keep his Star Trek role. But once he decided to come out in solidarity with Jamey Rodemeyer‘s suicide, they apparently felt that their relationship could go public, too.

I have to agree with Gay.net, who posted the story: Because it's from the Enquirer we naturally assume that it's all hearsay and seedy reporting. But here's the other coverage else I've found, stretching back to January:

Attending screenings together. In May, JustJared ran photos from a Hangover II screening, for which both Zachary and Jonathan got dressed up. They had also both attended the Drama Desk Awards earlier that evening. Gasp!

Double-date. A Brazilian Lea Michele fansite reported in April that she was spotted hanging out with then-boyfriend Theo Stockman, Jonathan, and Zachary at Dominick's Restaurant in LA. Why would he be hanging with these kids if he weren't involved with Jonathan? Because it was a foreign site and didn't identify Zachary by name (“e amigos”), it didn't get much coverage. Or maybe Zachary was simply out to those who knew him and it wasn't a huge deal?

Blind item. All the way back in January, this blind item talked about a cute couple who had just started dating but couldn't go public because one of them was still closeted. On the day that Zachary came out (October 18), Blind Items Exposed identified him and Jonathan as the couple, but let's look at the details anyway:

  • “Kirkland Dogmatic”: The supposed code name for Zachary, it does allude to the famous Star Trek character Captain Kirk, best friends with his character Spock.
  • “…one of the cutest, most seductively unusual pusses in town”: Every article about Zachary's hotness must include talk about his dramatic eyebrows.
  • “…a major piece of the hugely successful Invasion From Planet Octopus franchise”: They sure as hell weren't talking about any Star Wars movies.
  • Lea Michele: Again, the tipster stresses the connection to her.

Tumblr. The maybe-couple has their own Tumblr tag: Grinto, a mix of their last names. And while fans have ‘shipped actors who have no interest in each other before, it still lends credence to the argument.

At 34, Zachary is eight years Jonathan's senior: The Glee star is 26, though as the web series Husbands teaches us, he's older in “gay years” since he's been officially out since 2010. Now that both men are out, we're curious to see if we get a (no pun intended, really) straight answer.