If Divergent Is The New Hunger Games, Then Meet The New Peeta Mellark

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Theo James at The Inbetweeners film premiere 2011Are you up-to-date on your young adult franchises? Yeah? So you've heard of Divergent then, right? I hope so, because it's not enough anymore to just know a few Harry Potter spells and whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob from Twilight. It's not just wizards and vampires out there anymore, guys. Now there are aliens and zombies and werewolves and warlocks and Frankenstein creatures and they're all having sex with each other, because THAT IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. Whoa. Sorry. That was a little extreme. I'm just feeling really overwhelmed by all these new sci-fi franchises coming at me from all angles, so I need a moment to calm down.

Okay. Divergent. Let's talk about it. It's essentially the new version of The Hunger Games, if I'm understanding it correctly. It's a trilogy, and it takes places in a dystopian version of Chicago, where all citizens are sorted into five separate groups that define their personalities: Abnegation (the Selfless), Erudite (the Intelligent), Candor (the Honest), Amity (the Peaceful), and Dauntless (the Brave). Each group has strict rules about what they can and can't do, and once you're sorted into your group at age sixteen, you're in it for life. For the movie version, Shailene Woodley is cast as Tris Prior, who falls into a rare sixth group, Divergent, with traits in multiple categories, and decides to switch from Abnegation into Dauntless when it comes time to be sorted. She's essentially the Katniss Everdeen of this whole thing (making Shailene the poor man's Jennifer Lawrence), and the guy who plays her love interest was just cast. So meet Peeta Mellark 2.0, the man who plays Tobias ‘Four' Eaton…Theo James. In case he looks familiar, it's because he played Mr. Pamuk in Downton Abbey (the guy who dies in Lady Mary's bed after the two of them have sex), but now he's back to life and ready to start layin' lips on lips again for this movie.

It's gonna be pretty hard to eclipse my affection for the charming little nugget that is Josh Hutcherson, but in the name of research, I'm willing to expand my daydreams to absorb this new Theo James fellow, as well. All in the name of research.

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