The Glee Project Cast Can’t Dance

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This week on The Glee Project we're learning how to dance! Dance-ability (which isn't even a word), is the theme for the week and the super special Glee guest mentor is Samuel Larsen, one of the winners of season one. He comes out with a guitar and no shoes, looking like he's fresh from Bonnaroo, to teach these newbies about dance.

When the Glee hopefuls picked parts for the homework assignment, Mario started to rub people the wrong way because he acted like a total diva. Taryn was getting irritated by everyone, and she called home for the SECOND week in a row doubting whether she should be there. Then immediately after the phone call, we learn that Taryn left the competion. No scenes of her packing her things tearfully, no one-on-one with the camera where she ways then pros and cons of being there. NOTHING except “Hey, guys, she's gone. kthx.” So Abraham, the asian with red hair as the show describes him, won the homework assignment and gets one-on-one dance time with Samuel.

During the video shoot for “Party Rock Anthem”, Aylin ends up kissing two guys (and a few girls), establishing herself as the Santana of the group (she's probably my favorite right now). Since Dance-ability is the theme for the week, there is a big dance number at the end of the song — and they all danced horribly. This group has been getting  A LOT of negative feedback. During the bottom three reveal, they were basically told it was a catastrophe and to pick who is not in the bottom three, they had to pick who sucks the least.

The bottom three, who have to perform for Ryan Murphy, are Dani, Tyler and Lily because they were all horrible dancers. They were all good, but Lily had a diva-type attitude about why she was in the bottom three. However, in the end Dani got cut because Ryan didn't think she would make it far anyway. She just wasn't Glee enough.

(Photo: Reality TV Magazine)